Kylie Jenner unveils lipstick brand

Kylie Jenner unveiled her lipstick brand earlier yesterday. Eager fans desperate to replicate Kylie's makeup style and pout by trying on Kylie's lipstick flocked to the site, in order to get their hands on the $29 Lip Kit and the rush resulted in her website crashing.

Many were met with an Error message or told their carts were empty despite having added the item thus development resulted to fans complaining. 
Some Fans took to Twitter to complain about her site being down, prompting Kylie to respond: 'Nobody be upset! There's so many people trying to buy at once so there are some tech issues.'

She also tweeted: 'Everybody stand by and keep trying! We are [sic] working on it.' 
But Kylie's tweets did little to quell her fans, who were eager to buy the Lip Kit that was two years in the making. 

'I typed my credit card info and it kept saying error, stupid because the items where in my cart too... so annoyed tbh,' said one user, who went on to complain about Kylie's lack of apology for the site's problems. 
'I think more should be added to say "sorry" for these "tech issues" like people like me who had the items in cart,' she added. 

Many other fans said they were not purchasing because of the Lip Kit's price, which was $37 in total when combined with shipping charges.

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