Tom Hiddleston Opens Up About Co-Star Olivia Colman 'She is no pushover'

TOM HIDDLESTON, 35, has opened up about his The Night Manager co-star Olivia Colman, 42, has this to say about the English actress who first came to prominence for her supporting role as Sophie Chapman in the Channel 4 comedy series, Peep Show 

"she is absolutely no pushover".

The English actress is playing the role of Angela Burr in the adaptation of the John le Carre novel, who was originally a male protagonist.
The 42-year-old mother of two-- Finn Sinclair, Hall Sinclair, plays the role a security operative working on the fringes of MI6 and recruits night manager Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston), to infiltrate arms dealer Richard Onslow Roper's (Hugh Laurie) crew.
Danish film directorSusanne Bier ,55, Spoke to the Telegraph about the change in gender, she said: "We had decided that Burr should be played by a woman, rather than a man as in the book, because we thought there was an exciting chemistry between a woman and a man engaging in the power struggle that Roper and Burr have.”
In an article penned for Harper's Bazaar, Tom admitted he was impressed with his co-star's work ethic as she filmed the drama while in her second trimester of pregnancy and on a "gruelling shoot, spanning four locations".
Olivia Colman
Tom penned what he feels when someone is said to be good: "When people say that someone is a good person, it sometimes suggest they might be a pushover.
"Olivia is a good person and she is absolutely no pushover. She is instinctively warm, but in her work she has shown how powerful she can be."
He continued: "She's no-nonsense, and has very little vanity."
Tom disclosled that even the author of the novel was impressed with the Broad-church star.
He quoted John le Carre, 84: "I think the transformation of Leonard Burr into Angela Burr – as embodied by Olivia Colman – is a stroke of genius. [She] is the best asset that this production has."

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