Is Gwen Stefani's Nanny Pregnant With Ex-- Gavin Rossdale's Baby?

Gwen Stefani's former nanny is alleged to have had an affair with Gavin Rossdale FACEBOOK • GETTY
'Rich Girl' crooner, Gwen Stefani's former nanny who had an affair with her husband Gavin Rossdale, 50, now ex-husband for three years while they were still married is pregnant!

Many fans are speculating that Gavin, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush, might have another baby on the way, in other words, he might be the father of Gwen's former nanny, Mindy Mann's pregnancy who was his alleged mistress.

We really don't know if the English singer and director is the father, but Mindy Mann’s pregnancy came as a shocker since she had an affair with Gavin.

A rep for the singer says “It’s not Gavin’s,”. In fact, a lot of the speculation that this baby could be Gavin’s stemmed from a report that he and the Australian born, Mindy had lunch together at the end of February, but the rep is clearing that one up, too: “The woman in the photo is a guest vocalist on the upcoming Bush album. They had just left the studio and were sitting with the studio engineer.”

Mindy’s sister announced the pregnancy on Facebook back on Feb. 26, she shared a photo of herself and the girls’ other sister, Cayla, blowing kisses at the nanny’s growing belly. “I am excited to announce I’m going to be an aunty to another beautiful baby!” she captioned the pic. On March 6, Mindy’s mom revealed that the baby is a boy.

Gavin allegedly had an affair with Mindy for three years while he was still married to the 46-year-old  'Rich Girl' singer, and the nanny was reportedly fired after Gwen got wind of it in February 2015. However, the longtime couple whose marriage lasted for 13-years tried to give their relationship another try, but Gwen finally filed for divorce in August — and has since moved on with is a six-time Grammy Award nominee, Blake Shelton.

If the baby belongs to Gavin, then it will heat up more trouble, though Mindy hasn’t confirmed the baby daddy yet, it might most likely belong to her new boyfriend who is a snowboarding instructor Spencer Gutcheon.

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