Charlie Sheen Shakeup! Charlie & Longtime Manager, Mark Burg ‘Part Ways’ — For The SECOND Time

Carlos Irwin Estévez, best known by his stage name, Charlie Sheen, and longtime manager who stood alongside him during his recent health issues, Mark Burg, have “parted ways.”
The news comes just over six months after the Platoon and Wall Street actor announced he was positioned for a big career comeback amid his HIV scandal.
Burg who is one Hollywood executive who was there for the actor told Radar the split was a “mutual decision to part ways.”
“I did all I could,” Burg said, insisting: “He is set up for a giant comeback… It’s time for me to go back to producing.”

American Actor, Charlie Sheen Claims To Be A Changed Man Thanks To HIV Exposé

Following his HIV confession, Burg, 56, who is Sheen's longtime confidante, joined forces with his former client and tried t help the troubled actor capitalize on the publicity and resurrect his career.
However, few major public projects have materialized since.
Said one television insider: “Charlie has lost the one man who could have resurrected what is largely considered to be a career that is now beyond salvageable.
“It is hard to see Charlie come back from this. He’s considered persona non grata in Hollywood, and Mark was the man who was working behind-the-scenes to mitigate a lot of the damage Charlie had done to himself over the years.”
This isn’t the first time The Three Musketeers and Hot Guns actor and Burg’s business relationship has hit the rocks.
In 2014, Sheen interrupted his “winning” diatribes to post a long Twitter rant calling Burg a “2 dollar w***e traitor” and a “desperate slime s***e.”
He later posted a half-hearted apology, and Burg helped the 50-year-old father of five land a massive new role on Anger Management after his $2 million per week Two and a Half Men gig imploded.

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