Ray J Blasts Rapper, Kanye West After The Release Of Controversial ‘Famous’ Video: He ‘Messed Up’ My Marriage

Kanye West surely got all 11 of the celebrities he featured in his controversial “Famous” video angry, but Brandy's brother, Ray Jisn’t going to lay low about it! Whether the 38-year-old Gold Digger hitmaker had an uterior motives with the nudity-filled vid or not, Ray J’s marriage could be swimming in stormy waters as a result of Ye’s decision to include the 35-year-old R&B singer in it.
“Man, I’m just trying to stay positive,” Ray J told Entertainment Tonight in a backstage interview at 2016's BET Awards, referring to the video. “I’m engaged. My marriage is all messed up ’cause of craziness. I’m not part of nothing crazy.”
The One Wish hitmaker who is Kim Kardashians ex, happened to attend the awards with his fiancee of five months, Princess Love, but she was evidently nowhere to be found when he was discussing “Famous” — which is probably for the better! The video is pretty graphic, showing Ray J’s unclothed body in bedright next to Kanye’s wife, Kim. Considering the 35-year-old singer and songwriter  became famous for starring with Kim in her 2006 s*x tape, it could not have been nice for Princess to see her man lying undressed next to his ex. In fact, Ray J said his fiancee was “tripping” over the whole thing!
“It’s all bad in my world, and that ain’t cool,” he added. “Don’t put me part of nothing that’s weird, that don’t make no sense. Can I grow up?”
Kanye has apparently put the Let It Go singer whose birth name is William Ray Norwood Jr. in one difficult situation! Although Ray J isn’t the only celeb to respond to Kanye’s shocking video —America's former president, George W. Bush and Rihana's ex, Chris Brown (both in the vid) have chimed in — but so far it appears Ray J is the only one who was negatively impacted by it. Ray J’s fiancee may be “tripping” now, but let’s hope that “Famous” doesn’t actually stop Ray J from getting marriwalking down the aisle with his ladyed!

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