Scandalous Video Shows Two Women Performing s*x Act On Man On Posh Hotel Balcony

The trio were seriously embarrassed when they were caught in the act by a group of stunned onlookers - who then caught the whole thing on camera.

The shocking moment two women were seen performing a s*x act on a man at a posh hotel has been caught on camera.
The randy trio were seen getting down to business in full glare of neighbouring buildings - including the group that filmed the incident in Chicago.
Onlookers are heard gasping as the man and the women carry on with their racy show.
One woman watching the scene unfold can be heard to screech: “Oh my god, she wants it.”

A male then replies: “This is great.”
The footage has since been seen nearly 400,000 times after it was uploaded onto LiveLeak on Friday, July 15.
According to the poster, the weird act took place at Chicago’s prestigious 60-floor Waldorf Astoria.
The five-star hotel has more than 100 rooms and 51 condominiums.
The clip, titled 'Old man having fun on his balcony at the Waldorf Astoria' has attracted hundreds of comments.
People speculated the two women were prostitutes, with many congratulating the man for the public escapades.
One commenter wrote: "Play on player" and another wrote "Living the life."

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