Sasha Obama Flashes Her Curves In A Skimpy Bikini In Miami

Sasha Obama doesn't look bothered about breaking her's dad heart!

On Friday, January 13, the 15-year-old troublemaker was spotted stripping down to a tiny enthusiastic swimming outfit in Florida. 

While America's outgoing first lady, Michelle Obama, and their eldest daughter, Malia, 18, were battling tears amid the President's goodbye speech on Jan. 10, Sasha was discernibly missing following a rough year of scandals. 

As past reports claim, Sasha's nonattendance was faulted for taking a test, yet readers know that their daughter little girl could've been up to anything given her late terrible bad-girl conduct. 

Barely a couple of months ago, two photographs of Sasha at a party where red plastic cups and mysterious cans surrounded her surfaced. One partygoer even took a photo of Barack's daughter and captioned it, "When Sasha Obama is at your party."

Be that as it may, Sasha hasn't been the main troublemaker in the family — Malia's scandals a year ago were similarly as troubling to the President and First Lady. 

As it was earlier reported, Malia was caught last summer boozing and flirting at a club until 3:30 in the morning. 

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