Kisean Anderson, known professionally as Sean Kingston was seriously beaten on Tuesday and people on scene say Migos was the culprit ... be that as it may, the story is odd and the gathering is not wanted by cops, at least not yet. 

Security operative sources reveal to us it went down late evening at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Vegas.We're informed the 27-year-old 'Beautiful Girls' hitmaker and the folks from Migos got into it over an argument involving 'Kiss Me Thru the Phone' rapper, Soulja Boy, and the 3 members of Migos beat Sean severely, supposedly kicking him and stomping on his head. 

Law enforcement discloses to us somebody from Sean's camp pulled out a gun and fired once, yet didn't hit anybody. That individual was detained by security and turned over to the Vegas PD. 

When cops arrived both Sean and Migos had left. A short time later Sean was pulled over for a traffic stop and got to be "semi-cooperative," however he didn't mention names. 

We're told police need to talk with Migos, butt they are quick to include members of the group are not "wanted" by cops. 

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